Finding a proper fitting dress shirt can be a difficult task. The dress shirt fit you choose will have a huge impact on the overall look. So first of all, before choosing fabric, pattern or color you have to determine what fit and look you like. There are four main styles of dress shirts.

Classic fit

The classic fit shirt is likely what your father and grandfather wore. It is characterized by a generous cut in body and sleeves, features two side pleats (or one center pleat) on the back, usually located near the yoke. This is the go-for choice for those who favor comfort or are well-built. Classic fit is usually worn with jackets.

We also make this fit as separate, slightly narrower fit (we call it DT4). This fit is as comfortable as the usual classic, but has slightly narrower sleeves and have less fabric on the sides, so they, crease less under the jacket. Also, this fit is more suitable for slender men choosing classic shirts for comfort.


Tailored (modern) fit DT1

The tailored (modern) fit sits in between the classic and the slim fit, providing the best of both worlds. A slightly tapered silhouette with the waist create a trimmer look than the classic fit without sacrificing comfort. The armholes are high, the sleeves have some room but are not too wide. Tailored fit shirt is the perfect choice for virtually any shape or size. It’s go-to fit for medium built men with larger bellies or men with narrower shoulders. Looks great even without a jacket.We call this fit DT1 in our shops.



Slim fit(fitted) DT2

Slim fit shirt is more constricting in your movement and a lot more fashionable than classic shirt because it eliminates excess fabric. Slim fit shirt typically has an accentuated back with darts and a high armhole stance allowing for a shaped look that sits close to the body. If you are in shape and young (or young at heart), this might be the perfect shirt for you. Slim fit shirt can be worn on its own, without a jacket.This is most popular fit these days. In our shops you will find it under DT2 name.



Super fitted DT3

Super fitted or skinny shirt fit is mostly popular with young men. These shirts are skin tight, usually they restrict range of movement considerably. Sometimes they are made of fabric with some spandex to improve wearing comfort. Super fitted shirts can be worn under jackets or on their own. Looks great on a very skinny body. This fit is called DT3 in our shops.