Individually designed shirts (bespoke) are more affordable than you thought. You’ll be surprised to learn that shirts tailored to you personally may be actually cheaper than mass-produced shirts from well-known brands. And you will be even more surprised when you feel the difference between mass production and your custom-tailored shirt. We have set ourselves the task of promoting and fostering the culture of wearing dress shirts in Lithuania. In orientation towards a middle class buyer, we seek to introduce men to quality fabrics and comfort of custom made shirts. Therefore, we cut our sewing costs to a minimum, and the main part of our shirt price is the cost of fabric. We sew individually tailored shirts from a wide range of fabrics – from the finest Italian and Austrian, to the high quality, Turkish, Polish or Dutch fabrics. We also sew from customers fabrics. When you order a shirt, you become the designer of it – you can choose not only the fabric from the latest manufacturers catalogues, but also the shape of the collar, cuffs, front fastening, the location and number of pockets, buttons, and possibly embroidered monograms. Our individually made shirts will therefore have a greater impact on your style than on a wallet. We keep our customers’ measurements at our own data base, so we can save time for the next time. Also, at our retail shops we can tailor our mass production shirts to your body- shorten, narrow down, change collar or cuffs. And we do that for free! Just takes some time and patience.
A tailor-made shirt is your best business card. Even if you wear mass production shirts, have them tailored to suit your body. Come to our stores and find out what we can offer to you. Look and feel great every day with our shirts!