We pride ourselves not only with the quality of sewing but also with a huge selection of fabrics. We make shirts from variety of fabrics ranging from deluxe Italian, novelty Austrian to economy grade yet still high quality of Turkish, Polish or Dutch fabrics. Carefully seected fabrics combined with our craftsmanship give fabulous results,-shirts as close to perfection, as it can be. These are shirts made to meet high standards demanded by modern customers.

Getzner fabrics

We are very proud to sew with innovative Austrian Getzner Textil AG fabrics, the brand trusted for many designers and companies  around the globe. To date, Getzner has supplied its fabrics to fashion designers such as Armani, Bugatti, Ted Baker, Kenzo, Brioni, Karl Lagerfeld among others. Getzner have established new rules in the field of high quality easy care shirt fabrics. Fabrics, applied with innovative finishes are extremely easy to iron, do not crease during wear, have high color fastness, are breathable and absorbant and are very low shrinkage. Getzner’s “Dry and Fly” fabrics sets new standards for ‘non iron’ shirts. It’s completely new generation of fabrics that gives new wear experience and superb performance properties. And yes, we are already ahead of time,- sewing form Summer’2018 fabric collection!

Albini fabrics

Yet another high-end shirting fabrics we are very proud to sew with are  Cotonificio Albini fabrics. Albini is the largest European manufacturer (and still a family business now guided by the fifth generation ) of shirting fabrics. In addition to its authentic ”Made in Italy” quality and personality these fabrics are the result of a long process of research and development. Company takes every phase of the creation of a fabric as an opportunity to innovate, which is successfully done. Albini now offers fabrics with soft, warm touch or more raw and crisp, fluid silky fabrics, fabrics that do not crease, or  even stretch fabrics without the use of polyamides that do not degrade over time. We sew our shirts from ”Cotonificio Albini” and ”Thomas Mason” brands from Albini group.