When buying a men’s shirt, it’s important to take the notice of the type of the collar. Although at first glance, this shirt element does not seem very important, but it is the most visible and attention-grabbing detail of the shirt, especially when wearing a jacket. Properly chosen collar helps to balance facial and neck proportions, hide possible defects and highlight the advantages. There are well over twenty types of collar, but here we will discuss only the basic and most commonly used ones, although we can make the shirt with any of your desired collar

Wing collar

The collar plays a major role in determining the formality of a shirt. For example the shirt with a wing -type collar is considered to be very formal and never worn on its own or with few buttons unbuttoned. This type of shirt is worn with tuxedo or tailcoat and white or black bow-tie.  This collar is perfect for any type of face.



Classic collar

This is the traditional, most widely used, formal collar. The distance between the collar angles is relatively small. Vertically down-tipped tips increase the face and neck visually, making it the most suitable for short-neck and wide-faced owners. A classic collar shirt will look most attractive with a jacket or suit. It is also advisable to tie a neck to a non-slip knot. This basic model of collar has a number of moderated variations – the collar can be lengthened or narrowed, buttoned down or joined by a chain or a special pin.


Spread collar

Spread shirt collar is an intermediate between the classic and trimmed. Ideal for men who have a slightly longer neck or oblong face. It’s one of the most versatile collars –  can be worn with suit and tie and looks equally good worn with pair of jeans  with few buttons unbuttoned. All neckties are suitable for this shirt collar. This neckline leaves no doubt about its origin. For almost a century, the classic collar shaped shirt has become popular amongst Hollywood actors, the representatives of European royal families.


Cutaway collar

This is especially  widely cut collarwith the tips pointing to the sides. This collar leaves a lot of space for wider knitting knots (such as the knot of Vindsor). There are  several variations of this collar. Due to its shape and design, this collar widens  the neck and face visually, making it ideal for men who have a longer neck or oblong face. For a wider faced and a shorter necked  men, this collar should be avoided unless it is worn without a tie. This collar also has several more or less trimmed options for various widths.


Mandarin collar

Mandarin-style collar, is narrow men’s shirt collar, originating from China. There are various variations of this collar – they can range from 2 to 5 cm in width, either closed or free ends, rounded or not. The Mandarin-style collar gives a hint of conservatism and, at the same time, a great deal of self-confidence. This collar is often used for uniforms. This type of collar is perfect for any type of face. It is important that this collar is not very tight-fitted with at least one finger between it and the neck.



The cuffs,  just like the collar, are the most visible part of the shirt. They should always be seen from under the jacket sleeves. Typically  one should leave up to 2.5cm of visible fabric, unless specifically designed for the image of “Italian mafioso” – then you can see the whole cuff. Cuffs are divided into two main groups – standard and French (double).

Button Cuffs

Button cuffs are most commonly used in mass production. They can be both, formal and casual. Always fastened with buttons. The width of the wrist can be adjusted with the buttons,- usually there are two of them. This type of cuffs can be designed in different in widths, the number and angle of fastening buttons, can be clipped, rounded, or stacked. Better quality shirts have a small button  at the sleeve placket that holds the sleeve closer to the cuff.

French cuffs

Also called double cuffs. French cuffs are twice as long as button cuffs and are the most formal option of shirt’s cuffs. Can also be worn as a business clothing. These double cuffs are folded back and fastened with cufflinks. Can have rounded or cut edges, be of various widths, but only one pair of cufflinks is always worn.