Washing and cleaning

For shirts to last long and look like new, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods. Typically, shirts that are made from modern materials do not require special care- they can usually be washed in an automatic washing machine at a temperature not higher than 40 ° C. Before you wash your shirt, button up and turn inside out. If the collar stiffs are removable, remove them. Do not put too much clothes in the washing machine and do not spin hard to dry. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s  care label symbols – if your shirt silk or linen is likely to be recommended to clean them chemically. This does not mean that they cannot be washed, but the fabric may shrink unevenly, fade or collar and cuffs lose shape. Modern fabric fabrics (even linen) from famous manufacturers are usually extremely resistant to washing and hold up really well.


The dress shirts should not be dried in the tumble dryer. The best is to air-dry tem hanged on the hanger. Straightening the collar, cuffs and fastening strips when hanging. It is important to not dry it completely,- the shirt should be slightly damp (or moisten well before ironing).


The main secret of well ironed shirt- it should be slightly damp before ironing. Check the temperature recommended by the manufacturer, and start from a lower temperature  if not sure, gradually increasing it. It is best to invest into a good quality steam cleaner (at least 1200-1800 watts). If you want a very fresh, crisp looking shirt- turn them inside out, iron the bad side, and then turn and iron again from the good side. Dark shirts look their best when they are ironed just from the inner side,- then they are less shiny. Always start ironing from the collar, then cuffs, next the front of the shirt, sleeves and finally the back. Always iron around the buttons, never put the iron directly on them. Hang ironed shirt on the hanger, place the collar stiffs into the place if were removed. Let cool completely and hang in the closet.